30 min ¥10,000
60 min ¥18,000
90 min ¥25,000
120 min ¥32,000
150 min ¥39,000
180 min ¥45,000
+30min ¥15,000
+60min ¥25,000
Credit card accepted
Supports English, Chinese, Korean, etc. It's okay if you don't understand Japanese!
What we do is the same all over the world! How many shots can you do?
Many model-class beauties belong to the group! A slender beauty that will make you look twice is coming to you! Slim beauties with outstanding style. All of them have the advantages of long limbs, sharp curves, and graceful legs. The slender proportions remind you of a model, and you'll fall in love with it. Playing with such a beautiful woman will be an unforgettable experience. If you want to have a satisfying time, please contact us via SNS, email, or phone.
How many shots do you have?

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Ai (28)
T155 B81 (C) W60 H82

Aki (26)
T160 B83 (D) W57 H81

Ana (30)
T158 B79 (B) W57 H80

Aya (29)
T159 B84 (D) W59 H85

Shan (32)
T161 B87 (E) W56 H85

Arii (26)
T161 B85 (D) W55 H85

An (28)
T157 B82 (C) W55 H82

Emi (34)
T158 B79 (B) W57 H78

Eri (27)
T155 B80 (C) W56 H81

Kae (32)
T153 B80 (C) W56 H81

Kako (31)
T158 B83 (D) W56 H84

Kana (33)
T157 B85 (D) W61 H86

Kii (23)
T155 B84 (C) W54 H83

Kiki (34)
T162 B79 (B) W56 H77

Kiko (31)
T160 B86 (E) W56 H84

Kimi (18)
T154 B83 (C) W55 H85

Kira (33)
T152 B78 (B) W52 H77

Kei (29)
T154 B82 (C) W56 H83

Koko (31)
T154 B82 (C) W58 H81

Saki (26)
T154 B80 (C) W55 H82

Sana (28)
T153 B83 (B) W57 H81

Saya (31)
T154 B86 (D) W59 H83

Sara (26)
T152 B79 (B) W53 H76

Shin (33)
T153 B77 (B) W53 H76

Sena (24)
T156 B83 (D) W57 H84

Tae (28)
T155 B85 (D) W55 H85

Chika (27)
T154 B83 (D) W56 H81

Chichi (26)
T158 B86 (D) W55 H85

China (31)
T160 B87 (E) W56 H85

Tomo (24)
T154 B82 (C) W55 H86

Natsu (29)
T160 B83 (D) W56 H84

Nana (28)
T159 B84 (D) W55 H84

Nami (33)
T158 B83 (C) W56 H81

Hana (34)
T159 B82 (C) W60 H86

Haru (34)
T157 B82 (C) W57 H83

Himi (26)
T152 B78 (B) W55 H79

Hime (26)
T158 B79 (B) W54 H77

Humi (29)
T158 B82 (C) W55 H83

Mai (30)
T160 B86 (E) W57 H84

Mako (28)
T162 B80 (B) W54 H80

Mana (27)
T156 B83 (C) W56 H87

Mami (26)
T157 B87 (E) W57 H86

Mii (32)
T159 B83 (C) W55 H80

Mina (27)
T158 B85 (D) W55 H85

Mimi (28)
T158 B79 (B) W55 H80

Mei (33)
T155 B80 (B) W54 H79

Megu (31)
T155 B82 (C) W56 H80

Meme (25)
T157 B82 (C) W55 H80

Momo (31)
T160 B86 (D) W56 H85

Yui (26)
T157 B83 (C) W54 H82

Yuu (33)
T161 B86 (D) W57 H87

Yuki (27)
T158 B82 (C) W57 H84

Yume (31)
T157 B80 (B) W54 H79

Yuri (26)
T161 B82 (C) W54 H82

You (28)
T158 B84 (D) W57 H83

Rara (26)
T161 B87 (E) W57 H86

Ran (26)
T160 B83 (C) W55 H83

Rika (26)
T158 B81 (C) W54 H80

Risa (26)
T160 B82 (C) W53 H80

Rina (32)
T156 B84 (D) W57 H83

Rimi (27)
T157 B82 (C) W53 H81

Riri (28)
T160 B83 (D) W55 H82

Rin (29)
T159 B83 (C) W56 H87

Rui (31)
T160 B87 (D) W56 H85

Rumi (29)
T162 B79 (B) W52 H77

Ruri (30)
T157 B82 (C) W52 H82

Ruru (25)
T158 B85 (D) W57 H84

Rei (26)
T162 B81 (C) W51 H80

Rena (29)
T159 B82 (C) W55 H81

Ren (24)
T162 B83 (C) W55 H83